Constance Lai

Constance’s lively visuals can’t help but make messages leap right off the page. Always enthusiastic to give each project the unique flair and flavor that will allow them to stand out in the crowd, Constance has designed campaigns for Trader Joe’s, Philz Coffee, sustainability plant-based company Prime Roots, Passportto Taiwan, and more. A designer by day and freelance illustrator at night, Constance follows her strongpassion for branding, art direction, conceptual advertising, and digital & UI design to showcase brandidentities in the most enchanting light possible.

Nothing makes Constance happier than empowering products to grow while motivating, then boosting, engagement through enhanced user experiences. From building the visual system to reflect the brand’s special story to building websites withbold color and bright messages, Constance moves forward with the ultimate goal in mind for each project -- to build communities.